Sold on 7/21 (Sat.) Invited 100 people to IN STORE LIVE by by drawing lots for purchasing BiSH × CHAMPION TEE

■ Details of BiSH IN STORE LIVE
Date and time: Saturday, July 21, 2018 20: 00-
Location: 6-19-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

■ Sales / by drawing lots method
・ One person can purchase one item (* We do not accept exchanges or refunds after purchasing the item).
・ As the products are limited, please note that the color / size you want may not be available.
・ Distribution of product purchase numbers / numbered tickets with time to those who line up from 9:30 (* 1 to 300 / will end as soon as the numbered tickets run out
・ If you have a numbered ticket, arrange them in numerical order according to the staff's instructions, and sell the products at B1 "THE BASEMENT" from 11:00.

10:30 Numbered ticket 1-50
11:00 Numbered ticket 51-100
12:00 Numbered ticket 101-150
12:30 Numbered ticket 151-200
13:00 Numbered ticket 201-250
13:30 Numbered ticket 251-300 * Numbered ticket is invalid after the meeting time

・ Customers who purchase products will continue to hold by drawing lots to participate in LIVE
* Winning tickets are numbered from 1 to 100 (in order of admission)
* Ticket when the winning ticket is admitted
* A separate form with event precautions will be distributed to the winners.
・ Winning live participants will meet at 19:30 and move to B1 "THE BASEMENT" in numerical order under staff instructions.
・ LIVE, leave under the staff's instructions
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