10/2 (Sun.) "BiSH OUT of the BLUE" additional goods & venue sales announcement

Regarding "BiSH OUT of the BLUE" held at Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest,
Due to the transfer to 10/2 (Sun), we have decided to sell additional goods!
Please read the precautions regarding venue sales.

① BiSH OUT of the BLUE T-shirt S/M/L/XL ¥3,500, XXL ¥4,000
② BiSH BABY T-shirt S/M/L/XL ¥3,500, XXL ¥4,000
③SONIC BiSH BLUE T-shirt S/M/L/XL ¥5,000
④ DA DANCE!! T-shirt S/M/L/XL ¥4,500, XXL ¥5,000
⑤ IDOL Dry T-shirt < BiSH OUT of the BLUE limited color> S/M/L/XL ¥3,500, XXL ¥4,000
⑥IDOL T-shirt S/M/L/XL ¥3,500, XXL ¥4,000
⑦ Totsuzen Bisshu T-shirt S/M/L/XL ¥4,500 each, XXL ¥5,000 each
Aina The End
Cent Chihiro Chittiii
Momoko Gumi Company
Hashiyasume Atsuko
Ayuni D
⑧ BiSH OUT of the BLUE zip-up hoodie M/L/XL ¥8,000, XXL ¥8,500
⑨ BiSH OUT of the BLUE Jacquard Muffler Taore ¥2,500
⑩ BiSH OUT of the BLUE Jacquard Bath Ore ¥4,000
⑪ BiSH OUT of the BLUE smartphone ring ¥ 1,500
⑫ BiSH OUT of the BLUE smartphone strap ¥ 2,000
⑬ BiSH OUT of the BLUE tote bag ¥ 3,500
⑭ BiSH OUT of the BLUE square pouch ¥2,000
⑮ BiSH OUT of the BLUE bucket hat ¥ 4,000
⑯ BiSH iS OVER! Mug ¥2,500
⑰Poop logo pass case ¥2,000
⑱ BiSH OUT of the BLUE logo key chain ¥ 1,000
⑲ BiSH OUT of the BLUE sticker set ¥ 1,000
Maximum triple benefits! !!
¥ 7,000 or more 1 gift for shoppers
¥10,000 or more 1 free poster
¥15,000 or more 1 free clear file
* Excluding the purchase price of Gacha Gacha
[Important notes regarding transfer performances]
*Some products and benefits have schedules, but they are for the performance schedule before the postponement.
This is not a misprint, so please understand and purchase.
In addition, only posters are available for the schedule of the book-entry performance.

¥500 once (only for cash 500 yen coins)
Random 20 piece set ¥ 10,000
<9 items in total, 62 designs>
・ Acrylic key chain (48 types in total)
・ Flight tag (6 members)
・ Pick necklace (1 type)
・ Rubber band (2 types)
・ Neck strap (1 type)
・ Hair band (1 type)
・ Ribbon charm (1 type)
・ Geta bill key holder (1 type)
・Voice key holder (Extremely rare item that can be exchanged for a winning ticket)
*Some products and benefits have schedules, but they are for the performance schedule before the postponement.
This is not a misprint, so please understand and purchase
*Sale at the Gacha Gacha machine is cash only. Cashless payment is not available.
*Be sure to use the alcohol disinfection provided when purchasing at the Gacha Gacha machine.
*Cashless payment is available only for 20 random sets.
[Venue sales]
Sunday, October 2, 2022
Yamanashi Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest
open/start 15:30/17:00
Please check the detailed page separately.

[Online sales]
We are considering post-sale information.
Some products may not be available.
<Notes on venue sales>
■ Information
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the following people will not be able to sell at the venue.
・ Those who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher on the day of the performance (fever that is 1 ° C higher than normal) (please measure the temperature before heading to the venue)
・ Those who are worried about their physical condition such as fatigue
・Those who are not wearing a mask
・ Those who have traveled to countries / areas where entry is restricted by the government within 2 weeks of the performance date
・ People who are infected with the new coronavirus, such as family members living together, or who have been in contact with them
・Those who have been drinking
■ Sales method
*Cash, various credit cards [VISA/Master/JCB/AMERICAN EXPRESS], electronic money [QuickPay/iD/traffic IC card], and QR code payment [PayPay] will be available for payment.
* Electronic money cannot be charged at the goods section, so please check the balance and charge in advance.
*Credit cards and electronic money may not be used depending on the radio wave conditions at the venue. In that case, please note that we may ask you to change to cash payment.
*We will use a coin tray so that you do not touch your hands directly when handing over cash.
* At the goods sales floor, staff will wear masks and vinyl gloves, and vinyl sheets will be installed.
*In the waiting line at the merchandise counter, only the person himself/herself should wear a mask while keeping a certain distance from the people in front and behind him/her.
■ About the product
*The number of products is limited. Sales will end as soon as the preparation for the day is sold out.
* We do not accept returns or exchanges of products other than defective products. When you receive the item, please make sure that the item is correct.
*Please be sure to check the product, size, quantity, and change you have purchased on the spot. Please note that we cannot respond after leaving the sales floor.
* The product illustration may differ from the actual product. In that case, the actual product will be given priority.
* In the unlikely event that a product defect occurs, please contact the staff at the goods department during the day.
■ Inquiries regarding venue product sales
BiSH official SHOP inquiry form
* ⑧ Please contact us from other inquiries.
* Please refrain from contacting the venue and eventers directly.
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