CD shop benefits decided! LIVE Blu-Ray / DVD "Less Than SEX TOUR FiNAL" Teiou incision "Hibiya Outdoor Large Concert Hall"

Original benefits at Tower Records Japan, HMV and mu-mo SHOP Decided!
It will end as soon as the benefits and products are gone, so Please make an early reservation.
*Some CD stores may not be available at some stores. Please confirm and make a reservation.
On sale January 18, 2017 (Wednesday)
LIVE Blu-ray/DVDLess Than SEX TOUR FiNAL“Teiou incisionHibiya Open-air Theater”
・First-run limited edition Blu-ray + SG AVXD-92455/B Price: ¥8,618 (tax included)
・DVD Normal Edition AVBD-92454 Price: ¥4,860 (tax included)
■ Loppi ・ HMV Special: Less Than SEX TOUR original B2 bonus poster

Target stores: Loppi, HMV stores nationwide, and HMV online
First Press Limited Edition detail/7460653
DVDNormal Edition detail/7460654
■ Tower Records Japan benefits: Less Than SEX TOUR Go can batch

Target stores: Tower Records Japan stores nationwide and Tower Online
First Press Limited Edition
DVDNormal Edition
■ mu-mo SHOP: B2 announcement poster with autograph
※ mu-mo SHOP original privilege "B2 announcement poSales with "1 Star" have ended.

■ Sales site: mu-mo SHOP
(Domestic shipping) *PC/mobile common https://shop. artist_id=BISHX
■ About delivery
About reservations made by December 19, 2016 (Monday) 12:00 Will be delivered on the release date.
For reservations made after that, It will be delivered the day after the release date.
■ Notes
*Products will end early as soon as the maximum number is reached.
*Access to the site was flooded depending on the time of day, It may be difficult to see. Please understand in advance.
*We do not accept reservations or reservations by phone.
*For details on products to be sold, purchasing methods, shipping time, etc. Please check "Contact".
*Each privilege design is We will announce it on this site as soon as it is decided.
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