About December 3 privilege meeting

IDOL ROCKS! FESTIVAL 2016 in UNIVERSE~Year-end party special~


"KiLLER BiSH"CD We will hold a special event!

* Product· BiSH There are a limited number of tickets, so it will end as soon as they are gone.

*CD To purchase 1 One per time 2 Up to one. I will do. Those who wish to purchase additional items will be lined up at the end again.



CD Sale start time: 12:00 ~ (Planned)

CD Sale place: Misono Universe special CD sale place

Bonus party: held after BiSH appearance


[How to participate in the privilege session]

10/5 On sale BiSH Major First Album "KiLLER BiSH First-come-first-served basis for those purchasing BiSH We will give you a ticket.

*CD Purchase 1 Per sheet, BiSH ticket 3 I will give you one.

*CD To purchase 1 One per time 2 Up to one. I will do. Those who wish to purchase additional items will be lined up at the end again.



2016 Year Ten Moon Five Sale on Wednesday

BiSH Major First Album "KiLLER BiSH"

ALBUM + DVD-LIVE Board- AVCD-93453/B price:5,980 Yen + tax

ALBUM  AVCD-93454 price:3,000 Yen + tax


[Bonus event content] Handshake event, cheki event

* BiSH Please note that the benefits vary depending on the number of tickets.

* Others, official HP Please check the notes and join the special event.


[How to participate in the privilege session]

★Handshake event★

BiSH ticket 1 Sheet → BiSH You can participate in a handshake event with all the members.


★ check meeting ★

BiSH ticket 2 Sheet → You can participate in individual member cheki.


★Group shot★ (Simultaneous shooting with multiple members)

BiSH ticket 3 Sheet → Member 2 Shooting with people

BiSH ticket Four Sheet → Member 3 Shooting with people

BiSH ticket Five Sheet → Member Four Shooting with people

BiSH ticket 6 Sheet → Member Five Shooting with people

BiSH ticket 7 Sheet → Member 6 Shooting with people


* Members can be selected individually or in groups.

* For everyone who appears as subjects when shooting BiSH Tickets will be collected and photographed.

BiSH Please note that those who do not have a ticket can not shoot together.

Example) Customer 2 Name + member 1 For first name: Four Piece of BiSH Collect the tickets, 2 Take a picture

* Preschoolers can shoot with their parents.

When shooting with only children BiSH We will collect the required amount of tickets.

The staff will judge whether you are a preschooler or not.


* Please note that the award ticket will become invalid after the award session ends. In addition, all special events will end as soon as the line is cut off.

* Due to the space of the event, the special benefit event may end even if there are customers waiting in line. Please understand in advance.

* Please refrain from making inquiries to the venue. It may cause the event to be canceled.

* It is forbidden to take a place or sit down in the facility or at the venue by placing luggage. Please note that you may be moved by the staff's instructions.

* Please note that we cannot reissue the privilege ticket due to loss or theft. Also, it is only valid at the distribution venue.

* Please note that the award tickets will end as soon as they run out.

* Please note that we will not refund the purchased products. Defective products will be replaced with non-defective products.

* Please refrain from staying up all night in the venue as it will bother neighboring residents.

If we find an overnight act, we may cancel the event.

* Please refrain from immoral acts at or near the venue. There is a possibility that the venue will not be available at all in the future.

* You will be responsible for transportation and accommodation expenses on the day.

* The contents of the event may be changed or canceled due to circumstances. Please note.

* If it is judged that the event is impossible due to force majeure such as equipment failure at the venue, natural disaster, traffic strike, etc., the event will be canceled. (Including cancellation on the way)

* In order for everyone who gathers to enjoy the event, we may guide small children or people with disabilities to the front row and other places that are easy to see just before the event starts. please note that.

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