[BOMBER-E M. Night] Wanted to view live recordings

On October 23, `` BOMBER-E M.Live recording of "Night" has been decided!
Therefore, we are looking for viewing from the program homepage, so please come and visit us!

< Below program details >

【Application Requirements】

★☆★ BOMBER-E "M. Night" will be held on October 23 (Sun)! ★ ☆ ★
Every Tuesday at midnight 0:55, We send you weekly content, Comprehensive entertainment program [BOMBER-E]!
The artists performing this "M. (Music) Night" are
Soaring popularity with emotional songs and LIVE performances, A punk band without an instrument" BiSH "!!
2015 major debut, Attracted attention as an artist responsible for the next-generation pop scene "S higgy Jr."!!
BOMB E where you can taste each attractive artist at once We will deliver a stage unique to RE!
We look forward to a lot of your application!
★Title: [BOMBER-E M. Night] Live recording Wanted for viewing
★ Date and time: October 23 (Sun) 17: 20-Scheduled to start
★Location: Nagoya Broadcasting Network B Studio
★ Cast: BiSH, Shiggy Jr.
★ Moderator: MICRO (HOME MADE family), Natsuko Shiojiri (Nagoya Broadcasting Network announcer)
★Invitations: 100 pairs 200 people
★Application period: Monday, October 3 from 18:00 to Sunday, October 16 2 3:59
★ Winning notification: Monday, October 17, Only the winners will be notified by email!
(If you have specified the domain,"Please set so that you can receive emails from. )
★ Program homepage: bomber / 
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